The Eagles Program

The Future of Energy Management

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Our Services

We offer a fresh innovative approach towards energy management that brings innovative solutions closer to our clients through professional support in energy-related industrial and business processes.


We offer free energy audits as part of the package in 3 year intervals for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Energy Portal

We offer realtime energy use monitoring through a proprietory energy management portal tailored towards providing expert energy management services and advice to our clients.

Professional Support

We offer an industry-leading personal touch on all maters energy through assigning qualified energy engineers to our clients to provide professional knowlege on all matters energy.

Monthly Energy reports

We offer professional monthly reports to our clients through the realtime monitoring portal platfrom complete with professional advice in a bid to save our clients money through efficient energy practices.


Through the Energy Service Company (ESCO) model, we offer financing for energy conservation measures impemented by the company followig the energy audit for eligible companies and measures.

On Call Support

We offer realtime energy support for the company through the interactive energy portal by assigning quaified energy engineers available for advice on energy related matters both technical and financial.